Common Online Video Poker Mistakes

While online video poker may be considered as one of the best casino games throughout time, there are instances wherein it actually serves as a challenge to many players. The main problem is that players are not well aware of their mistakes and they simply play in the wrong way. To be able to successfully play video poker, a player should thoroughly understand how they can improve their odds. Without proper knowledge, it's impossible to gain winnings and reduce the risk of losing. The subsequent sections provide an outline of common video poker errors and how players can go around them.

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Five Coin Play

A common error in video poker is that players don't play five coins. It can be incredulous to find that while it has been repeatedly emphasized players still refrain from playing five coins.

The best way to demonstrate the importance of the play is to carefully observe a video poker table. Take note that the payouts for the royal flush are exceptionally big specifically for five coin bets. In fact, the payout is considerably higher than any other bet (one coin, two coin, three coin and four coin). Often, royal flushes get a total of 250 coins as payout for a one coin bet, 500 for a two coin, 750 and 1000 for tree and four coin bets respectively. These are low as compared to the 4000 coins payout a five coin bet grants for a royal flush. Because the payout in five coin bets is considerably larger than lower coin bets, going for five coins actually helps reduce the house edge and increase the games return.

Wrong Games

Playing the wrong game can cost players a lot of time and money. Unlike online slot games, video poker actually allows the player to computer their expected game return regardless of the type of game played. Given this kind of information, players can in fact determine which video poker game can give the highest return or payout. The idea is, if the player can determine which game provides them the best advantage in terms of return then they should play that game. It's the best game for them. While it's good to start with lower bets, in the long run, it wouldn't be a very good idea anymore. The player has to determine which game provides them the best return and take their chances in that game.

Slot Clubs

It's not surprising to find out that people lose all the time especially in casinos and playing games with bets. Nonetheless, what players don't understand is that even with just playing they can actually win rewards, that is, if they belong to a slot club. A slot club offers players the chance to get rewards every time they play slot and video poker. The amount of reward depends on how much is played on the machine. Often, players get around 0.25% to 1.25% cash back when playing. The cash back doesn't seem to count for much but with regards to very low house edges, percentages as such can actually make a difference. It determines whether the player can somehow win or not. Players can join the slot club for free so it wouldn't hurt to try out.

Wrong Strategy

Doing the wrong strategy is related to playing the wrong game. While some players think that it wouldn't hurt to try out a strategy they are not quite sure with, they actually don't realize that even the slightest mistake can cost a lot. Often, one wrong move can already account for around 1-2% of the maximum payout. The payout percentage loss only accounts for the slightest mistake what more if the wrong strategy is used? The player can lose by at least 5% in the payout percentage. Given the vast resources of information, players can easily find the right strategy online. There are video poker guides available that help them get rid of possible mistakes when playing. There are strategy charts available. However, it does not mean that players should instantly try out the strategy. Practice is essential because it's not wise to bet on something that is not tried yet. Practicing online is a good idea because there are many applications for free. Once the player gets used to the strategy then it's possible to try the strategy in a real poker game.


This is a mistake that most online casino and video poker players commit. They play without setting a bankroll limit or they play without preparing a sufficient bankroll. The bankroll is an important part of playing poker. Certainly, it wouldn't be too ideal to play more than what the individual can afford. Even with high computed game returns, a player can never be too sure. Since money is at stake at every game, it would be good to set a limit. Royal flushes don't come in abundance so playing all out without a good or limited bankroll can only cost the player more than what the game is worth. It may even be possible to go broke at once. Players should set their limit and divide their bankrolls according to the number of intended games they want to play. In that case, the risk of losing more than one's financial capability is lessened. For beginners, starting with low bets should be good. This won't take up all the bankroll all at once and it may even help develop a solid bankroll. Start with mild games and when the bankroll amount goes up, a higher payout game may be tried. A word of caution though, winnings should not be used in bets. It's best to keep the winnings and play until the limit of the bankroll. This increases the chance of taking home more than ending up with nothing.

Video poker players should note that the chances of winning are proportionate to the kind of preparation an individual exerts. The better prepared a poker player is the better chances of winning. These common mistakes are not just intended to enumerate such but also to help people refrain from committing such and losing a lot.

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