History of Roulette

Before Roulette found it's way to casinos today, the game has already been around in different societies across the globe. In fact, it has been around for centuries even before it became the Roulette that people in casinos at present. Roulette has different versions in different parts of the globe and it's roots are varied.

Where Roulette Games Came From

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Spinning wheels traces back to the Greco-Roman period. The tradition started when Roman soldiers used the chariot to see who wins. Basically, the game made used of arrows to see one of the 10 winning spaces marked on the ground will get chosen. The Greeks, on the other hand, used the shield for spinning. While the game was slightly changed, the mechanics remained the same in general. When the shield or wheel stops in front of the marked space where the arrow is placed then that spot is considered the winning choice.

Further, studies have also revealed that the Roulette wheel game may have been a resulting combination of two well known games:

  • English E-O (meaning Even and Odd)
  • Italian Hoca game

The E-O game has it's roots from England. The game uses a circular table marked with 40 sections of E and O (E for even and O for Odd). The sections are separated equally into two with 20 sections marked with E and 20 sections marked with O. The game also contains two bar spaces where all bets are placed just like in casinos. As opposed to other games, the E-O game posed higher house edges. Nonetheless, it did affect it's popularity with many players.

The Hoca game, in the meantime, was extremely well known all throughout Europe back in the 17th Century. Even the Chief Minister of France, Cardinal Mazarin, ventured into the casino business opening establishments that provide Hoca games. Previously, the aim of such casinos was to collect money for the communitys treasury. A circular table is used for the game. A ball is used and rolled onto the table. There are a total of 40 cups on the table and players can place their bets on any of the cups provided. Out of the 40 cups, three cups have zero marks and we're considered house cups. In this case, house edge is around 7.5%.

Roulette in Europe: The Start of It All

The European roulette game was initially referred to as the French roulette. The date dates back to 1655 at the time Blaise Pascal, a French scientist, invented a perpetual motion machine. In French, the meaning of the games name is small wheel. Blaise Pascal is thought to have been the mind behind the principles of spinning wheels which are now important components of many roulette casino games today. Initially, roulette served as a means of entertainment for different monasteries Europe. However, soon the game found it's way to a series of French casinos. Additionally, roulette was considered to be a form of entertainment to the more intelligent and glamorous crowds.

Afterwards, in the year 1843, Francois and Luis Blanc launched the first series of casinos in Hamburg, Germany. The casinos offered roulette games with single-zero slots. In fact, Francois and Luis Blanc we're even rumored to have traded their souls just to acquire the secret of the roulette game. The legend that spawned from the Blancs is often the basis for the idea that if a player sums up all the numbers used in the wheel of the roulette, the resulting number would be 666. The number is often dubbed at the number of the beast or the devil.

When the 1860s came, gambling became prohibited in Germany. The Blancs decided to move places and turn Monte Carlo into the gambling center of Europe. When single-zero roulette found it's way to Monte Carlo, reception was extremely great. Since then roulette has been a staple game in the European gambling scene.

The Beginning of American Roulette

It was the in the late 1800s when roulette arrived in America. Upon it's introduction, the game became extremely popular among those who are fond of fortune and luck. Specifically, roulette became a popular game during the Gold Rush days. Instead of the single-zero editions, American casinos began offering roulette games in double-zero versions. The double-zero versions proved to be more favorable to a lot of casino owners. From then on, the single-zero roulette became the European roulette whereas the double-zero version became the American roulette.

As some historians have revealed, there are versions of the American roulette that use the American Eagle sign and the numbers 1 to 28 and 0. These versions also tend to use 00. The American Eagle, the numbers 0 and 00 we're all considered extra or house pockets. This means that if the ball lands on any of the numbers or the sign, the casino will take home all the bets. Aside from that, the player will get to win the bets.

After the introduction of the double zero versions, the game quickly became well known and it reached different parts of the United States. It also went through a couple of modifications over the years. Since the game previously allowed opportunities for people to cheat, the design of the table was changed. The roulette wheel was positioned above to prevent any more cheating. The layout of the table was also changed into a simpler look. This made it easy for players to put their bets and for the payouts to be handed out easily. Eventually, it was the American roulette which found it's way to many casinos all over the globe.

Since the arrival of roulette in casinos, the game also extended it's reach to bigger and more advanced platforms. Today, people can also play the game using the internet. There are now roulette games online which people can play anytime anywhere. There are also other variations now of roulette. Depending on the program or the casino, some rules may be slightly different from the usual game.

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