How Crossfit Can Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Where will you be when it happens? We all know that it could come at any time. The zombie apocalypse is closer than you might think and you'll have to be ready to take on the oncoming hordes and be in good enough shape to survive, whether you are running from fast moving hybrids, scaling the wall around the prison so that you can set up a base camp, or holding the door shut until the rest of your group makes it through, Crossfit can help you be prepared for the worst.

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Regular fitness is important to everyday life. Its always good to be able to run, jump, climb, and lift, but once there are hordes of zombies surrounding your home and your loved ones, it's time to put those skills to use. Crossfit makes sure that you have what it takes to take on the undead.

Once it all hits the fan, you're going to have to be able to do a lot, but first remember these tips:

  • Dont Get Bit!
  • Ditch The High Heels!
  • Team Up With Other Crossfitters! Your box can work as a survival team when the day comes.
  • Stock Up On Canned Goods!
  • Zombie Proof Your House!
  • Always Have A Back Up Plan!

How Crossfit Can Help

That takes care of the common sense and strategic issues, but only Crossfit can prepare you for the physical demands that this zombie apocalypse requires. On a physical level:

-Make Sure You Can Climb!

After the initial fallout, it might still be easy to just walk into a store, open up the back door of a potential safe house, or gain access to any manner of buildings. Once people start to barricade themselves in, scaling walls might be the only way to find access into the next building that will become your new safe house. Lucky for you, Crossfit already taught you how to climb ropes.

What To Do :

Crossfit WODs should be including plenty of rope climbing, but if your box has it, rock climbing walls are ideal. This kind of uneven climbing surface will make sure that you don't have anything to worry about when you scale the side of a rock face to find the back door to the warehouse.

-Be Prepared To Jump Over Anything That Gets In Your Way!

You take a turn down a quiet road, far from the moans and groans of the living dead..or so you think. As they burst through a door to your left, you dash down an alleyway and find a fence blocking the way. It might not be as high as a fence, maybe there is just a pile of discarded furniture blocking the way.

What To Do :

Jumping will help with a lot of this, but you might also have to grab hold and throw yourself over a fence if it is high enough. To prepare yourself, you need plenty of box jumps to get the leg strength to leap over, but you also need muscle-ups, pull-ups, and dips to give you the arm strength to power over the remaining vertical space.

-Stairs Can Be Your Best Friend, Or Your Worse Enemy!

When you live in a big city, you tend to revel in your top floor apartment. When it all goes down, you'll have to be able to get up and down those stairs, especially once the elevators go down and you can only rely on yourself and your endurance. The problem is that this kind of running requires much more than just running endurance. A strong lower body, like only Crossfit can give you, makes this possible.

What To Do :

Running up stairs requires endurance, but also powerful legs that can move quickly. A lot of people have either one or the other, but Crossfit participants have both. A combination of running, squats, lunges, sprints, and broad jumps in your WODs will be the difference between surviving and being eaten on the stairs of your apartment building!

-Youll Probably Have To Carry Another Survivor To Safety!

Carrying one of your fellow survivors requires speed and strength of the kind that only Crossfit can provide. You never know what can happen out there. You might all escape being bit, but that broken leg is going to seriously slow down your best friend. You can push him in the wheelbarrow just fine, but when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by surprise you'll have to throw them over your shoulder and bolt!

What To Do :

Increasing your anaerobic capacity is essential to successfully carrying heavy loads to safety. WODs filled with sand bag sprints, squats, ball slams, and bag drops and pickups are what it takes to prepare yourself for this situation.

-Be Prepared To Run As Far As You Have To!

When it comes to evading zombies, it goes without saying the the running speed that Crossfit helps you build is incredibly important. This kind of running strength can come in running from building to building as you criss cross your way back to the safe house, an all out sprint for the last mile into town, or a daring cross country run as you head towards the last vestige if civilization, risking life and limb to run the 30 mile stretch in a day. Crossfit Endurance proved that it is easy to get this kind of speed and endurance, so this is your time to put it to the test.

What To Do :

Crossfit Endurance style WODs with Tabata Sprints, long runs, and deadlifts will give you a leg up on your undead competition.


For all of those, Crossfit comes to the rescue.

To get ready, you need to do a workout that focuses on the kinds of skills you'll need when it all goes down. Try out these WODs to make sure you're prepared:



If you want to be capable of destroying any zombies that get in your way and crush the competing survivors, this is the WOD for you. It isn't for the faint of heart, but it is what it takes to survive. This Chipper workout has to movements, each with 31 reps. You only go through the circuit once, so make it count! If you're on the run from a pack, you'll have to face unique circumstances, not a repeating obstacle course. Here we go:

-31 Double Unders to prepare you for running and dodging all of the infected neighbors as you escape the neighborhood

-31 Box Jumps to help you jump over anything that stands in your way on the deserted roads and back alleys

-31 Hand Release Push Ups to make sure that you can shove zombies away if they get too close to you.

-31 Toes to bar to help kick those zombies in their non-digesting stomaches.

-31 Goblet Front Squats are essential to making sure any zombie you come across doesn't keep it's head for very long.

-31 Slam Balls help you take out some aggression and slam those heads into the ground after you decapitate them.

-31 Zombie Head Wall Balls to practice slamming them into walls as well.

-31 Thriller Lunges so that you can carry other survivors, body parts, and supplies over your head as you escape.

-31 Sledge Hammer Swings to entirely crush all of the oncoming zombies. Remember, any Shaun of the Dead fan knows that Removing the head or destroying the brain is essential to making sure they don't come after you!


This is the best way to get in shape for all of the carrying, lifting, and climbing that you'll be doing in the wake of the apocalyptic event that pits you against the undead hordes that are outside. It also isn't for the faint of heart. This WOD is done for time and consists of:

-750m Row

-1 Rope Climb

-50 Sandbag Step-Ups on a 20 Box

-1 Rope Climb

-40 Sandbag Hop-Over Burpees

-1 Rope Climb

-30 Sandbag Back Squats

-1 Rope Climb

-20 Sandbag Cleans

-1 Rope Climb

-10 Sandbag Get-Ups

-1 Rope Climb

These two WODs can take your fitness to the next level, but also make sure that you don't have any problems keeping up with the physical demands of the zombie apocalypse. Make sure to check out this WOD list too.

Why Only Crossfitters Are Prepared

Crossfit does a lot of things for a lot of people, but Crossfit is the only way to have the full body fitness that the zombie apocalypse demands. Core strength is necessary for carrying your supplies and maneuvering through the crumbling wasteland, cardiovascular endurance is the only way to successfully outrun the enemy when the enemy has no lungs or need for sustenance, and overall strength is what it will take to physically demolish the undead beasts that have taken over your once calm and safe suburban neighborhood. If you do the right WODs, play it smart, and have what it takes to outwit the other, less kind, survivors, you'll make it through this trying time and see the day that someone finds the solution to this plague.

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