Disney World Christmas Trees and Decorations

Disney certainly knows how to decorate for Christmas! Each park has a huge Christmas tree with it's own individual theme. The Christmas tree at EPCOT, just over the bridge of the entrance to World Showcase, has presents representing all the nations included in EPCOT.

Decorations usually start going up in the park by mid November. This makes it a great time to visit from this time onwards as the decorations for Christmas make Disney an even more magical place! If you can possibly visit the first 2 weeks of December, following Thanksgiving, then you will find crowds relatively light.You get all the benefit of the Christmas decorations without the long lines of the Holiday Season.

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Decorations often magically appear overnight as Disney works to put these up when the parks are closed.

In the MAGIC KINGDOM. Main Street USA, with it's turn of the 20th Century charm, looks even better when dressed for Christmas. The decorations are beautiful and everywhere you turn, there's the sights and sounds of the season.Expect to see lots of mistletoe and trees, lights and ornaments. Most of the finery is on Main Street USA, but there are touches of Christmas seen throughout the park.

I was surprised to see how Disney brought Christmas to Mickey's Toon Town.We had avoided going back there in the past, because it was more for just youngsters, but the way they have each house decorated for Christmas is darling. Of course, Disney updates their parade during the day, giving it a Christmas flair.

As with all the Disney parks, going at night brings the Christmas excitement to a whole new level, with lights being turned on and the music filling the air.

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