Yeah, it does leave you discombobulated and disgruntled, sure, but...

Yeah, it does leave you discombobulated and disgruntled, sure, but it's alot of fun. When I first got MQ, it only took me 1 week to beat. XD

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I adapted my old OoT tricks to the new MQ dungeons. One thing I learend from playing this game: "From every Zelda game on, USE YOUR FRIGGING ITEMS IN EVERY ROOM!" If you do some really unorthodox things with items in rooms where you don't think you need those items, you'll really need a pat on the back. I remember, after I got the Lens of Truth in MQ, I was using it in every room of every dungeon. Hey! It paid off in the Spirit Temple when you're in the statue room and you're on the left and right staircases and the invisible Floor Master keeps ramming into you.

Still, I found the original much more challening. MQ has more puzzle depth than dugneon length.


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