"It's A Dead Man's Party"

"Who could ask for more? Everybody's comin', leave your body and soul at the door . . ." Remember that song? Or how about this one? Might I suggest listening to them while reading this post. I think it adds a little something.Sorry, I digress.

It's October and that means Halloween my favorite holiday!! It appears Carine Roitfeld is a fan too. She started celebrating early and got in the holiday spirit by throwing a "Vampire Ball" during last week's Paris Fashion Week.


I think Carine has the right idea start early! Picking a Halloween costume is serious business! For some, it is an opportunity to wear as little clothing as possible. After all,"Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it"[Mean Girls]. Sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy "undead teacher's pet" (huh?),sexy SWAT officer(can you imagine trying to fight crime in that???) Others go for humor or creativity points. This year I am going nostalgic and dressing as one half of female rap duo, 90s sensation Salt 'N' Peppa! Oh yeah! That's right! Push it real good! Dance moves included! Look out!!!


How about you? Have you decided what you will be this year??

Posted in Fun Post Date 08/13/2018






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