Wedding Dance Classes Burlington


If you are searching in Google for “wedding dance classes Burlington” then you have landed on the right page! We love teaching wedding dances! It’s one of our specialties and most favourite event dances to teach.

The first thing you’ll want to plan out is who will be involved. Definitely, the main focus will be on your first dance, as husband and wife and we’ll help that look spectacular! Next, you may want to consider a dance with your parents, whether it’s bride and her dad or bride and her new father in law, or groom and his mom or new mother in law. Finally, you may want to treat your bridal party to a few new moves they can show off as they are entering the reception or for when they join you on the dance floor.

Once you know who will be involved, your next option is choosing a dance style. Classical waltz dances are always impressive, but a surprise swing dance can really get your wedding party started!

After your wedding dances are chosen, you’ll want to look at music selection. A good DJ can really be helpful here or bring your special songs that mean the most to you as a couple. We’d also be happy to make suggestions or give you examples of what others have used and loved.

If you have never taken a professional dance lesson before, you may be a little intimated, but you don’t have to be. Even brand new dancers can be gliding gracefully across the dance floor in only a few short weeks – dips and turns included! We do, however, suggest taking dance lessons about 4-6 months prior to your wedding to give you lots of time for practicing before your big day.

Besides the formal planning of the above, we want to add that there is a huge emotional benefit to taking wedding dance classes. The most important is that it will give you and your new partner an activity you can do together before the wedding – an activity that has the magic of bringing people in closer together and it also helps to release stress (which can build up when planning a large event like a wedding!). Taking formal wedding dance classes will be a memory you will both cherish forever.

You’ll never know where searching for wedding dance classes Burlington can take you, but we are happy you have found us! We offer custom wedding dance packages with an award-winning instructor who will customize your wedding dance routine just for you.

Make your first dance as husband and wife extra memorable. BOOK your wedding dance classes in Burlington today!

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