A Wedding Dance To Remember:

Wedding Dance Classes in Burlington


The song you selected together begins to play. Everyone is watching as you begin to move to your first dance ever as husband and wife. All eyes are watching as you are the main event. This moment will be captured in pictures, video and in your hearts…FOREVER.


Your first dance together is likely the moment you most dreamed of, and the one with the most pressure to get right! This memory will be recorded for a lifetime. It’s your most special night together and this will be one of your fondest memories. Let us help you turn your dream moment into reality.

​Lucille’s Ball offers an easy way to start dancing and a professional place to learn. We will help you display a dance your guests will love through dance lessons you will enjoy doing and practicing together. Wedding dance classes can really add to your special wedding memories!


Whether making their grand entrance at your reception or joining you on the dance floor, your wedding party will enjoy flashing some well rehearsed and smooth dance moves.

​Father/daughter and mother/son dances can help your parents to feel a bigger part of your big day and add a special touch to the hearts of all your guests.

Wedding dance classes are sure to bring your entire family (and new family) closer together!

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