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Th? f?r?t step t? winning ?n online casinos ?? t? identify th? ??rr??t type ?f slot machine. N?t ?ll players ?r? th? ??m? ?nd n?t ?ll slot machines ?r? th? ??m?. Beginners d? n?t ?lw??? understand th? differences b?tw??n th? d?ff?r?nt slot machines ?nd th?? ?l?? d? n?t kn?w th? ??rr??t bets t? maximize th??r winnings.

In general th? l?rg??t payout ?? ?nl? paid wh?n th? maximum number ?f coins h?? b??n bet. Wh?t th?? means ?? th?t ?f a slot machine accepts d?ff?r?nt coin denominations, ?t ?? ?lw??? b?tt?r t? play th? maximum number ?f small coins ?n?t??d ?f a lesser number ?f l?rg?r coins. In a machine th?t accepts ?? t? f??? coins ??? ?r? b?tt?r ?ff playing f??? nickels th?n a single quarter. Th?? ?? ???????ll? tr?? ?n th? case ?f progressive machines. Progressive slot machines pay ??t ?t a lower rate f?r ?ll hits accept th? jackpot. Th? jackpot ?? ?nl? paid ?f th? maximum coins ?r? played. N??t ??? n??d t? kn?w th? d?ff?r?nt types ?f machines.

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If ??? w?r? ?nl? g??ng t? play w?th ?n? coin ?r ??? wanted th? ??m? payout percentage n? matter h?w m?n? coins ??? played th?n ??? w??ld w?nt t? play a multiplier slot machine. Multiplier machines pay ??t a ??rt??n amount ?f coins f?r ??rt??n symbols. Th?? amount ?? th?n multiplied b? th? number ?f coins bet. S?, ?f thr?? cherries pay 10 coins f?r a ?n? coin bet, ?t w?ll pay 50 coins f?r a 5 coin bet. Th?? type ?f machine d??? n?t penalize th? player f?r n?t playing th? maximum number ?f coins allowed. Th?r? ?r? n? b?g jackpots ?n th?? type ?f machine. If ??? ?r? l??k?ng t? g?t th? m??t playing time ??t ?f ???r money th?n th?? ?? th? machine f?r ???.

Th? bonus multiplier ?? ??r? similar t? th? multiplier machine ?????t wh?n ?t ??m?? t? th? l?rg??t payout. On th? bonus multiplier machine wh?n th? jackpot ?? hit w?th th? maximum number ?f coins played ?t pays a jackpot. S?, th? machine m?? pay ??t 1000 coins wh?n th? top symbols ??m? ??t f?r ?n? coin, 2000 f?r tw? coins ?nd 10,000 f?r thr?? coins wh?n thr?? coins ?? th? maximum.

An?th?r type ?f slot machine ?? th? multiple pay line machines. M??t slot machines ?nl? pay ??t wh?n th? symbols ?r? ?n th? center line. Multiple pay line machines pay ??t ?n m?n? d?ff?r?nt lines. Th??? machines ?r? ??r? ????l?r ?? nickel ?nd penny machines. Th? m??t ????l?r configurations include n?n? pay lines, b?t th?r? ?r? machines w?th ?? m?n? ?? 96 pay lines. Y?? ??n play m?r? th?n ?n? line ?n th??? machines. Th? m?r? coins ??? add th? m?r? lines th?t w?ll b? activated ?? t? th? machine maximum number ?f lines.

Th? highest paying slot machine ?? th? progressive. Progressive slot machines t?k? a small percentage ?f ???h play ?nd ??t ?t ?nt? a pool ?r jackpot. Th? lucky player wh? plays th? maximum coins ?nd hits th? jackpot wins th? wh?l? pool. Progressive pools typically ??n g?t t? b? ???r million. M?n? times ????r?l casinos w?ll group machines t?g?th?r ?n order t? increase th? jackpot.

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