I'm particularly fascinated by the potential power of single-shard...

I'm particularly fascinated by the potential power of single-shard decks. It seems that each color of Hex has at least one strong strategy to employ, and for Blood, that strategy is gaining card advantage. The following deck is an initial attempt at creating a focused Blood deck which exploits this strategy to deadly effectiveness.

The drive of this deck is to gain overwhelming advantage by utilizing Extinction. Let's see how each card works to achieve this goal.

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1-Cost Cards

Infernal Professor- An excellent little deck-thinner, he increases the amount of cards you see during the game. This is helpful for drawing that Extinction at some point during the game.

Fang of the Mountain God- A powerful troop that will help you control the early game, or threaten quickly after the use of Extinction.

2-Cost Cards

Blood Harbinger- This orc just won't go away. If you opponent kills it, or if you end up wiping it off the table with Extinction, your opponent is likely to let you fish for another copy.

Bone Warrior- Not the best troop, but useful when Extinction hits. He will transform into a Pile of Bones rather than go to the graveyard, thus giving you a renewable resource for quick recovery.

3-Cost Cards

Giant Corpse Fly- Getting rid of cards in your opponent's hand is a great way to build up some theoretical card advantage. This troop strikes directly at the enemy's ability to play the game.

Warlock Inquisitor (Champion Damage on Play)- Another troop whom refuses to die. Regardless of the cause of death, this Vennen troop will return to your hand for another go at life (though he will quickly become expensive).

Murder- The classic removal spell. Useful for removing major threats when it's not an advantageous moment to play Extinction.

Pact of Pain- A chance for some extra card draws is always good.

4+ Cost Cards

Life Siphon- A useful finisher, and a stop-gap for overuse of Herczeg, Pact of Pain, and Infernal Professor.

Corrupt Harvester- An evasion troop with Lifegain is an excellent game winner. Play him, beat on the opponent until the Harvester dies, then use Extinction.

Extinction The central card of the deck. Blast the table once the opponent builds a sizable advantage in cards or tempo. Then you can rebuild faster.

High Tomb Lord- Potentially a giant of a late-game troop if your extinctions catch a lot of troops.


I think this deck has promise, but I have a few doubts regarding certain cards. Namely, the Bone Warrior's regeneration ability might end up being cooler on paper than in-game. After all, is a 1/2 troop even worth regenerating? Possibly not.

It also remains to be seen if the deck can survive well enough without drawing an Extinction. The deck has decent troop power, but it will be a bit touchy until you draw that key card. I'm eager to test it out in Alpha.

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Contributors - Without fail you always help me to break it down to make it all the best it can be :)

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