Salsa Dance Classes:

Dance lovers: you’re in luck because there is no shortage of dance styles you can learn and enjoy at Lucille’s Ball! Salsa is one of the most popular and most requested Latin dances. The best part – it does not need to remain the same – as you grow more comfortable with the moves, you can add your own artistic flair to the dance!

Salsa Dance, Burlington Singles & Couples!

Salsa basic steps are not difficult and anyone can learn them in only a few minutes! We invite you to join us for a salsa dance lesson in Burlington. We are just minutes off the 403, making our studio a popular spot for those in Burlington and surrounding areas.

Salsa Dance History:

Salsa has its roots in popular dances such as the mambo, rumba, and cha-cha – thus it originated from an influence of various cultures from different Caribbean countries, mainly Cuba. That also makes for some interesting, varied and upbeat rhythms to dance to!

Salsa Dance Moves:

In salsa, you will learn 6 main steps, danced to a count of 8 (so 6 steps and 2 pauses). Salsa dance also involves a lot of turns and side-to-side movements (as opposed to just stepping forward and backward). Salsa has basic footwork but is also mixed with some hot and sexy moves to spice it up. Couples have a lot of fun learning and moving to the moves together.

Salsa Classes at Lucille’s Ball:

We offer formal salsa dance lessons (for drop-in students) or formal salsa classes (for serious students) in Burlington. Salsa is an enjoyable but effective workout, which you can do in a relaxed, non-judgmental, and supportive atmosphere. You will love the teaching styles of our main instructor, Lucy, and our back up dance helpers too!

We offer salsa dance in Burlington, off the QEW/403 an Appleby Line. We also offer various themed dance events throughout the year, which everyone is invited to!

Learn how to salsa dance today! Check out our new student special offer. We offer a variety of other dance styles too! If you prefer to chat about what dance may be right for you, please connect with us anytime!

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