I feel like Nintendo has really lowered their standards

Last year, Nintendo claimed that they didn't wanted any indie games in their e-shop, and that they only wanted titles released by their company in the store. Well, when they realized the WiiU was making as much money as the Gamecube when it was released (which is not much), they panicked. Now, it seems that Nintendo is letting almost anyone sell their games in the WiiU e-shop.

Usually, I'd have no problem with this. It's awesome for indie gamers to get their titles out on a system created by the greatest gaming company known to man, more power to them! The issue I have is that some of these games just aren't worthy. For example, there's a title called BLOK DROP U, which is a puzzle game where you have to remove grey blocks in order to get a red block to a platform. It's a simpel concept for a simple game, and it's an alright time waster.

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I've seen tons of these games before on flash game sites and in app stores, and they're usually a decent way to spend time if you're bored, but here's the thing. They're usually free to play. These type of games don't have enough depth or content to be able to put a price tag on them. For a game like BLOK DROP U, if I HAD to pay, I'd pay a quarter, if at all. If it actually had color and nice, smooth transitions, I'd pay a buck. The Nintendo e-shop is selling this game for $1.99. 2 bucks for a game that looks and feels like it was made by a couple of kids who got their hands on an app program.

BLOK DROP U isn't the only game that's over priced, there are other games that are a pretty penny for a not so pretty game. There are tons of games you'll find in their indie section that look like you could play them on your iphone or ipad for free or a buck, and some of these games are going for $4,$5, even $10-$15 bucks.

So before you buy a game on the e-shop, read reviews. Watch the demo videos they put up (if they have any), and most of all, check to see if you can get a free version of a similar game on your phone or tablet first before you spend $15 bucks on the game just to play it on your WiiU.

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