I thought for sure they would extend my curfew.

I was proud of my board games reference I thought for sure if they thought I was spending my Friday night playing Candyland they'd have no problem extending my curfew.

I didn't think, however, that I was about to eat my own words.

PARENTS : One Oclock am is awfully late to be out driving. There are drunk drivers, peeping toms, kidnappersI think it would be best to come home at eleven-when you are supposed to be home.

ME: But I am almost 18! I am an adult! I am old enough to know better! I should be making my own decisions!

PARENTS : Youre not 18 until next week and really, your brain isn't developed enough to understand the consequences of being out that late. We care so much about your safety.


I was so mad! How dare they belittle me like that!


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It was at that second I knew exactly what I had done. All the excuses I had made for not picking up after myself, spending too much money on nail polish, not emptying the dishwasher when asked- appeared above my head like a huge conversation bubble in a Peanuts comic strip. I was speechless. For a few minutes I hung in limbo if I argued against my underdeveloped brain excuse, it meant more chores, more responsibility, more nagging. But if I agreed and gave in, I would be missing many more parties to come. I stood there, mouth agape, eyes blank, staring at my parents. I swear I saw them wink at each other as they continued to nonchalantly watch TV.

This had been their ammunition all along. This was why they accepted my excuses of naivet. They knew at some point I would ask for more privileges, and they couldn't wait to shoot me down, using my own gun.

The worst part about it was I had proved my own logic wrong. For if I had the developed brain I was now trying to convince them I had, I wouldve foreseen the consequences of my actions sooner. I wouldve realized this wasnt my parents first rodeo they had raised a teenager before. I also wouldve realized that if I had just done what was asked of me in the first place, I would be in my room, watching Days of Our Lives, doing my homework, making my nightly calls to my friends, and deciding on what to wear to the party on Friday night.

Instead, I was left staring at the shelf full of board games, deciding between Sorry! and Life to play with my little sister.

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