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When the seventh grader asked for a slumber party, I knew that I must...

When the seventh grader asked for a slumber party, I knew that I must find some fun party games to keep the teen and preteen girls entertained. I'm not too original, so off the web I went. Fortunately, there we're plenty of ideas out there to choose from.

My favorite was the candy ball. Basically, you wrap layers of kitchen plastic wrap into a ball, inserting small treats into the layers as you go. The players get 30 seconds to peel back a layer using tongs only. They get to keep whatever prizes fall out during their turn. We played this game first, it was a great ice breaker. There was lots a of laughter and excitement. I rolled in a few 1 dollar bills, red vines and of course chocolate. I don't know who to give credit to for this idea, I saw it on many different collections of game ideas. Whoever you are out there, thank you.

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After some dancing and snacking, I held a costume contest for the girls. I randomly split them into three teams and provided foil, butcher paper staplers and common art supplies. They we're to make any type of costume they wanted, complete with accessories. The designers spent over an hour perfecting their creations. We had to eventually call time because the models had to use the restroom, which would be difficult to do wrapped in paper and foil. A ceremony was held on the porch steps and prizes we're awarded. This activity was a big hit.

The girls decided to play some of their favorite standbys. Cops and Robbers seemed to go on for hours. I'm not exactly clear on the rules, there seemed to be a system for choosing who the robbers we're and who would chase them. There was a mail delivery aspect involved.

I am so thankful for my wonderful daughter and her friends. The party was a lot of fun and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it too. Good memories in the making.

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