New to Dancing?

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Welcome To Our Dance Studio!

All you need is the desire to dance and we will do the rest!

Anyone can learn to dance over time, given their dance level and commitment to learning.

​We will prepare you for weddings, formal dances, special occasions or just for the fun of it as a new skill or hobby. The first step is to complete the form below to schedule your first visit to our dance studio.

Partners not required, single and couples welcome.

It’s quick, easy and fun! Come get happy!

What to look for in a Dance Studio:​

  • Look at the dance club location. Conduct searches such as “dance classes near me.” You don’t want to have to commute too far if you don’t need to!
  • Look at the venue. Are there mirrors where you can constantly check your form? Is it well lit, comfortable and do you feel safe (let’s face it – who wants to dance with a purse on?)? Are there washrooms nearby?
  • Check out the head instructor qualifications. How long has he/she been dancing? Does he/she have awards? What is their history training others?
  • Will you get attention as a newbie?
  • How many instructors or helpers per number of students?
  • Can you comfortably ask for extra help if needed?

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