Tango Classes:

Tango is one of the most well known dances in the world and is one of the more sensual Ballroom dances you can learn at Lucille’s Ball. Tango classes are fun and a fantastic way to connect with your partner, and with others. Join us for a tango class today!

Tango Classes: Benefits

There are numerous benefits to doing tango – or any dance! Besides overall health benefits, tango can elevate your mood and make you feel sexy and unstoppable. Tango is also a fantastic way to add new sparks into any relationship. The dance is also fantastic for improving posture and poise.

Tango Dance History:

Although no one knows exactly where Tango dance began, it likely started in Spain or Morocco, then brought to Argentina and Uruguay in the late 1800s by new settlers to those areas. It was a dance enjoyed by the working class (in bars, the streets and brothels) and thus avoided by the wealthy. Today, however, tango classes are enjoyed worldwide by all classes of people.

Tango Dance Moves:

The best way to learn tango, is to first watch it in action. Sit in on a tango class or watch it on YouTube. You will soon become familiar with some basic moves and steps, and have something to aspire to. You next want to listen to tango music – and not just listen to it, but feel it! Once you catch the rhythm, the steps will be easier to learn and master. As you learn the tango dance, you will notice that it’s almost all about holding perfect form and posture – keep your shoulders back, back straight and core muscles tight. Did we mention this is a fantastic dance for trimming and sliming?

Tango Classes at Lucille’s Ball:

Although Salsa and Bachata dance lessons and nights are commonly requested, we are gaining more interest for Tango. Just imagine the fine entrance your partner and you can make at your wedding or next large event! Everyone enjoys a great tango dance and you’ll have just as much fun learning it as we have fun teaching it.

We offer tango dance in Burlington, off the QEW/403 an Appleby Line. We also offer various themed dance events throughout the year, which everyone is invited to!

Sign up for a tango dance class today! Check out our new student special offer. We offer a variety of other dance styles too! If you prefer to chat about what dance may be right for you, please connect with us anytime!

Some Benefits of Tango Dancing:

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