Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

The sweetest thing anyone ever did for me was when my college boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend by "proposing" the middle of Times Square with a plastic ring. It was pretty adorable, but everyone around us thought he was actually proposing and started clapping! I wonder what they thought when they saw it was a fake ring

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One of the sweetest things that my mother has done for me and for my sisters is be our Valentine. Every Valentine's Day, even as adults, my mom gives us Valentine's Day gifts. And as an adult, it is something that I still look forward too! It's definitely something that I want to do for my future children as well.

The sweetest thing to ever happen to me has to be way back when I was in studying in Alberta (2009). We we're just friends at the time, but my now husband organized with a local florist to deliver me a dozen roses on Valentine's. This was the first time I had ever received flowers from a guy and being a province away and not even dating yet you can bet I was surprised, I even asked the delivery boy, "Are you sure these are for me?"

- Katie of Owls And Monsters

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