Swing Dance Lessons

Dance lovers, you are going to fall in love with swing! High energy, cool moves, addictive music and a party atmosphere. Need I say more? This may very well be the best kept secret in Burlington!

Swing Dance History:

There are dozens of different styles of swing dancing, the most popular likely being the “Lindy Hop.” The Lindy Hop originated in the 1920s when a new sound in jazz was released and with it, new moves. Since then swing has evolved into various styles involving different moves.

Swing Dance Moves:

If you are familiar with salsa, swing may come more naturally to you as there are some similar moves. The big move to master is the “rock step” which is actually 2 steps, counted to 2 beats. Next comes a triple step. So it is rock step, triple step, triple step. No worry ladies – it is the man’s job to lead you into the rock step:) Once mastered, you can move onto other classic swing moves such as the “basket whip.”

Swing Dance Lessons at Lucille’s Ball:

Learn swing dance through easy to do moves! You can join as a beginner or learn advanced level swing. We will breakdown each step until you have it mastered. Learn swing footwork, turns and spins, kicks, body rolls and more.

We offer swing dance lessons in Burlington, off the QEW/403 and Appleby Line. We also offer various themed dance events throughout the year, which everyone is invited to!

Sign up for a swing dance class today! Start off by looking at our new student special offer page.

We offer a variety of other dance styles too! If you prefer to chat about what dance may be right for you, please connect with us anytime!

Some Benefits of Swing Dancing:

Raise your heart rate while doing some fun moves and listening to lively, upbeat, music. Once you get the hang of the steps, you’ll enjoy the health benefits of swing dancing! If you stick to it, you’ll soon get to know the very social swing community and have countless outings to attend with new friends. Try a class today!

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