The Eagle Has Landed

At last! After many years of procrastination I finally scraped together enough pennies to order myself a new copy of Planescape: Torment. (My original copy is somewhere in Australia...)

Bask in the warm glow of awesome.

For those of you whom aren't familiar with Planescape: Torment, I pity you deeply. It is the crown of Black Isle's career; one of the greatest single player games ever created. When I say one of the greatest, I mean one of about three.

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The motivation behind finally purchasing another copy was mainly drawn from stumbling upon this marvelous little resource. I can now run PS:T at widescreen resolutions with a scaled up UI, and enjoy a plethora of bug fixes to boot.

I'd strongly recommend everyone give this game a shot, if you can find it for a reasonable price. Some people are charging twice the original box price now, as it is considered a rare classic.

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