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Addicted to gaming

The title must be very fitting. When I was in high school (and even college), I got attached to games so much that I couldn't even sum up all the spending I have for such mania. When you are in love with the online world, you have the tendency to fall in love with games. I personally am no good at the online games that I have played. All I wanted to do then was to have fun. My research topic in my first year in college was even computer games addiction. I am also not like everybody else who have tried all the games. It is usually my younger sister who introduces me to such games (her school's full of computer game addicts). She is even now addicted to Grand Chase. I, however, am not into computer games anymore. Boo hoo.

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Here are the games that made me want to live my life to the fullest and lose all my savings before:

Important Note: These are all ONLINE games. Therefore, DOTA is not included.

1. Ragnarok Online

I remembered the very scene of how I was introduced to this game. Anne and I went to the nearby internet cafe so she could teach me how to play it. We we're sharing one chair then and I even chose a mage class. That is where it all started.

What I like with RO is that it is a very dynamic game. There are a lot of features and stuff to be discovered. I can't explain the grandeur of this game. I am so much addicted to this one before. The top up cards we're expensive but who cares? I am having the time of my life then. When the time came that I woke up to the reality that I was spending too much, I migrated to a private server. I also tried configuring and using a bot. But again I found it boring because of the fast level up and zeny collecting so I downgraded to an offline version. This is the most boring part, playing alone in the Ragnarok world. I eventually have to stop this addiction when I grew more mature.

So what are some hints of addiction in me? My current wallet now still contains an old top up card. When I open my wallet, you see it. I also have the set of Ragnarok background music. Over time, I have been tempted to play RO again. But I can resist it already so I never dared.

2. PangYa

I really had fun playing PangYa. Not to be boastful, but I was good at it. It is basically golf and just golf. But with a twist. I remembered cutting NSTP classes just for it. It doesn't need any top up card but I eventually stopped since I got bored and can't waste my allowance in the net cafe.

PangYa is not available in the Philippines anymore.

3. Puzzle Pirates

Yeah I know Puzzle Pirates is a very geeky game and no-fun. But I liked it! At least it sharpened my mind along the way. It is about pirates, buying your items, having a room, just like any MMORPG there is. The difference is that pirate battles come in puzzles. You get to combat with other players in battles that are not easy. You also get to have a job which again includes puzzles. But don't look down on this one. This is really mind-boggling. I don't know why I stopped -- probably because of school. This is free by the way.

4. Maple Story

This is my very very favorite MMORPG! It is free and even though it is 2D, it is great! I started playing this one because of my sister (because of her classmate). I have one character now it is a Magician with a medium level. I just stopped last year since I have no time anymore. But if I we're to go and play again, why not?

So far, those four are the games that I played for a long time. I have been in my most active in the four before I entered the second half of my college. Now, absolutely no time even for a Spider's Solitaire! Have you noticed anything? The four games are really for kids. It is because when RAN, Silkroad, RF Online, Grand Chase, etcetera went into their peak, I'm already tired to try them out.

Have you had similar online games addiction as me?

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