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Dance Classes for Groups or Singles

Dance Summer School

Welcome to Lucille's Ball - one of the premier studios for dance lessons in Burlington, Ontario. Run by professional and award winner dancer, Lucy Karakis, Lucille's Ball offers dance lessons in Latin dancing (salsa, bachata, merengue, rumba, etc.) and ballroom dancing.

Dancing Benefits

Dancing is not only a fun exercise, it is a fantastic social event. Dancing is:

  • A great activity to do with a partner that will help you more deeply connect
  • An excellent social activity! Meet new people at the dance club and afterwards at planned social gatherings
  • Sexy! Nothing is as sexy as dancing
  • Uplifting! The upbeat music, laughter and moves will make your body and soul happy
  • Lastly, dancing is a fantastic full body workout that will help you tone and strengthen your body

If you are looking for something different, entertaining and new, give dancing a try!

Dance Lessons: Where to Start

We suggest starting at our New Dance Student Offer to book in to try an introduction lesson. You may also want to check out our open Dance Class Schedule. We also have a page dedicated to the different Dance Styles we teach, as there are many options to choose from. Finally, if you are looking for private lessons or have a special event coming up, such as a wedding, have a look at our Weddings Dance information page.

Contact Head Dance Instructor Lucy

Please Contact me anytime should you have any questions or want to come out to try a lesson. We promise you will have fun and love it!

**Check out our student moves in our Dance Photo Gallery!

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