Had lots of fun this weekend!

Saturday, the usually geekiness at my new favorite game store, Warlords Unlimited. Battle 4 rounds to come in second. Really I should have been first since the guy that won I beat in the first round. His opponents faired better than mine which means that quote / unquote his competition was better. Shenanigans I say. Anyway, I got the Rare I really wanted out of the three. I had the other two, so it's all good.

There has been a weight lifted off my shoulders now that Keith has opened his shop.

Sunday, was family day. We drove up to Cincinnati to watch the Reds play. Dad always gets awesome seats from the different vendors he deals with at Sherwin-Williams. [Can't wait until my fraternity brothers and I go to the Reds / Cubs game.] The Reds have been sucking some major ass this year. I think the highlight of the game was watching these four fellas in front of this play this game we're every half inning the would put a buck in a cup and when after each person was done batting the would pass the cup to the next guy. If you had the cup and your batter scored a hit you pulled out a dollar, double $2, triple $3, homer you got what was left in the cup. Now if you player struck out you had to put a dollar in. What was even funnier is that one of the guys would make all kinds of crazy bets with his buddies.

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I must say panhandlers are getting very creative with their signage. One guy's said, "I'm not gonna lie. I want beer." I really wanted to give the poor guy a couple of bucks. No person should go without beer. I figured he probably makes more money than me panhandling then I make at a legitimate employment and kept my money in my pocket.

We had to leave the game early because we had reservations at the Montgomery Inn. World famous for their ribs. The restaurant was huge. Nice architecture too. I was very impressed. I got ribs and shrimp. The shrimp had a spicy mustard, plum sauce that was awesome. The ribs. My goodness they we're awesome. I ordered a few extras so I would have some for lunch today. I can't wait for that Cubby's game, since Dennis said he would buy my dinner there for getting the tickets.

I flipped on the Tube waiting for my mom to go to Wal-Mart so I could leave. I flipped up to MTV and I Want a Famous Face was on. I was infatuated with the first season because well they had some ugly I mean interesting people on there. I always find it funny because MTV always has a snippet of a story about how plastic surgery can go wrong. At least MTV has a social conscious. Maybe?

Now this season started off with this chick that wanted to look like Brooke Burke. She was hot to begin with, but she was just tired of stuffing her bra and wanted some liposuction around her legs and butt. I prefer natural boobies, but I am all for a girl that wants to feel more proportionate. I think this girl went too big. Anyway she still didn't win a bikini contest. Hopefully the surgery will boost her self-esteem since that is usually the number one reason quote for getting plastic surgery.

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